Still Having Fun

20130310-091944.jpg I love this street; and I am so hungry for breakfast 20130310-092142.jpg I am so tired (and full) 20130310-092150.jpg From Oscar’s Mom. 2nd big snowday 2013, pre-blizzard storm {From quick-shot project with iPhone5, still only, not from video} 20130310-092343.jpg One way or another, I WILL make you smile 20130310-092831.jpg Crazy cat lady and Coco kitten

Some fun days from the weak Feb and Mar snowfalls at Lincoln Park:




Rest – it is key

The snow has gotten everyone on their game — sleep, run, jump, dive, eat, chase, flop, puff, prance, repeat

Bff Oscar, 2.5hrs into nap time


Bowie prefers a quiet cool-down on the patio. Here, 80′ above the street overlooking Her skyline…so Euro



Coco is always resting, always. And, snoring, always.