First Chicago snow





Bowie’s 2012 highlight post

It was a GREAT year.



20121224-090512.jpgI hope Dad will give me some yogurt!

Berner in Snowmy friend Bernie – fun in the snow!Bernese Mountain Dog in Snow

Winter Dog BathMy new winter snow flake scarf!

couch bernerHanging out with mom on the couch…

Berner and NoufieEaster at Grammie and Papaw’s – spending some QT with my cousin, Lily.  She’s a Newfoundland.

Berner and CatThat is my sister, Coco.  She loves her bed.

Berner and Bully StickMy favorite snack!

grams and BowieThis is me and grams – I get lots of pets and rubs from her!

Berner and bagelsSometimes Dad makes me carry the bagels home…Bowie and Einsteins

Car BowieWe were on our way to New Buffalo!  I love car rides!

Bowie on the Balcony

Berner napNaptime after a bath

Chicago-20120410-00033Tug-of-War with my Bestie, Oscar..Oscar and Bowie Tug of war

berner park just chillin..Chicago-20120410-00037We LOVE sticks!

Bowie and green boneI love my green bone

Bowie and glassesHoly Cow!!  My mom likes to embarrass me!

Bowie on the couchOne of my favorite things – relaxing with my fam.

Joe Cool BernerKickin it on the balcony

marathon BerneseGreat view of the marathon – just saw the Kenyans!kenyans Chicago marathon

Urbanoutsitters BernerMom and Dad were on vacation – so I went to camp.. It’s called Urban Outsitters

Berner on the bedI like to lay on my dad

nap on the couchAnd nap on the couchIMG-20120720-00349

sleepy bernerI was really tired after mom’s work out!

election day bernerElection day…did you vote?

standing on the couchJust don’t go in the bathroom – I don’t like that!